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Title: Pizza Melbourne | Pizza St Kilda Rd | Pizza City
Description: Pizza Melbourne has the hottest freshest fastest pizza in the City and St Kilda Rd. Eat in or delivered to your door, you’ll be back for more!
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An Excerpt from the site
  • Pizza City It is always a pleasure to write about pizzas.  I can almost taste the jalapenos, the sausages, the olives, and everything else from heaven, nestled in rich cheese and tomato sauce!     In this section of Pizza Melbourne, I will be serving a few mouth-watering and informative articles on the evolution of pizza and [...]
  • Pizza St Kilda Rd I thought it would be interesting to trace the history of the pizza in this section of Pizza Melbourne.  I will also be talking about the wide reach of pizzas all over the world and share some interesting stuff that you may never have even heard of or tasted in all your pizza-eating life! No [...]
  • Pizza Melbourne I am crazy about pizzas! If that isn’t a good enough reason to put up a website called ‘Pizza Melbourne’, what is? I was lost the moment I sank my teeth into my first pizza and my love affair with pizzas carries on well into middle age!       Even though I have slowly [...]

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